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The Benefits of Martial Arts Training.

The physical benefits of martial arts training is there for all to see. Improved strength, speed and physique. These improvements are some of the main reasons that people take up Martial Arts. However the main benefit that this author would see in taking up Martial Arts is that bit more obscure. It affects us psychologically and sociologically and that is the increase in self-confidence. Plain and simple.

We have all been in situations where our self-confidence has been questioned. Take for example facing a bully at school or in the work place. Sure a flashy twelve hit combo or fatality move reminiscent of that from a video game, would be bound to put your tormentor on their ass and leave onlookers in awe of you. Wouldn’t that be great! But lets be realistic here, just beating people up for the sake of it is not a reasonable solution. Learning martial arts increases self confidence. It helps to control that feeling of vulnerability. Training in Martial Arts will not turn you into an emotionless fighting robot. Quite the opposite. It helps to create a more balanced individual. The goal is not to teach people to fight unnecessarily or take the law unto their own hands. But to teach people to defend themselves when and where is necessary. Confidence allows you to remain calm during difficult situations. By remaining calm, you can assess your situation more clearly and act accordingly. When faced with a compromising situation a martial artist will need to use physical force less often than those who cannot defend themselves.

There is a comparitive relationship between the amount of time that someone has been practicing martial arts and their level of self-confidence. This can be compared to a beginers level of aggression and anxiety. These traits tend to even out over the period of time that the practitioner has been training. As is seen all walks of life certain people will benefit sooner than others. A balanced individual and Im not talking about an people with ballerinaesque poise. Although the flexibilty would be great! Will already have reasonable self confidence to be able to overcome obstacles that bit quicker. From training in martial arts the possibilities for these individuals are boundless.

Few can argue that under proper supervision, martial arts can be a very helpful form of psychotherapy. Properly practiced marital arts can bring about positive physical and psychological changes. Martial Arts have turned out to be more than just tools for self-defense. They have developed into systems that not only protect the practitioner from attackers, but also from poor physical and psychological health.

By Robert Devane

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