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Martial Arts Inc

Kickboxing & Self Defence
Kickboxing & Self Defence in Dublin. Classes for Adults & Children. Beginners always welcome
Private & Group Classes
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Accelerate your learning by booking a private class or attend one of our many group classes
Increase Strength & Flexibility
Beginner Friendly Club
We will get you fighting fit fast. Get toned and increase strength and flexibility


Kickboxing Classes in Dublin city 7 days a week. We offer both private and group kickboxing classes. 


Self Defence

We run CQC Self Defense courses all year round. We have both onsite and offsite training courses


Beginners Welcome

With new beginners starting all the time you will never feel out of place. Friendly and ego free environment

Kickboxing & Self Defence in Dublin

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Boost confidence, lose weight, tone up and increase flexibilty by joining Martial Arts Inc. We are a beginner friendly club and we pride ourselves on providing a relaxed and friendly environment in which to train in. We have packages to suit all members. Private classes, group classes and our online super sale that is only available here on our website.


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Fighting Fitness Week

Hit the Heavy Bag

Kickboxing Dublin

Martial Arts & Self Defence at MAI

Private and Group classes 7 days a week

Black Belt Instructors

MAI Instructors


Private & Group Kickboxing Classes

Kids Kickboxing

Our Kicking Kids Kickboxing Classes

Self Defence Classes

CQC (Close Quarter Combat) Self Defence

Kickboxing Dublin

Class Schedule

Make yourself stronger than your excuses

Private Classes

10.00AM – 10.00PM

Adults Kickboxing

1.00PM – 2.00PM


2.00PM – 6.00PM

Kids Kickboxing

6.00PM – 7.00PM

Adults Kickboxing

7.00PM – 8.00PM

Strength & Conditioning

8.00PM – 9.00PM

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Kickboxing Dublin

Martial Arts Classes

We have a range of both private and group classes

Group Classes

With new members starting all the time you'll never feel out of place

Prices Start At €20.00
Students/Unemployed Rates
Monthly Unlimited Classes
10 Class Pass Options

Online Sale

The Cheapest & best way to start training with us

Save Over €100.00
1 Month Unlimited Classes
1 Private Class
1 Pair of Bag Gloves
Only Available Here

Private Class

Accelerated learning and super fast fitness

One To One Instruction
Accelerated Learning
Personalised Schedule
Bulk Discounts
Kickboxing Dublin

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Kickboxing Dublin

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Kickboxing Dublin

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