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The 100 Fighter Kumite Report


On the 3rd September 2006 in the Ringside club at the National Boxing Stadium, former World Champion Robert Devane took on 100 Kickboxing opponents in aid of Barnardos, Ireland’s leading children’s charity.

The event was a huge success starting with Martial Arts expert Robert Devane coming out in a gorilla outfit and scaring the crowd. He battled his way through opponent after opponent underneath the very hot ring lights for 2 minutes each round and without any breaks. Robert was in flying form for the first 50 rounds and made it look easy. There were a few short demonstrations by fellow instructors from Martial Arts Incorporated and Robert was back in the centre of the boxing ring again for another 50 rounds without any breaks. Despite the fact that Robert had fractured a bone in his foot a week previous, he still managed to entertain the crowd with his arsenal of techniques, flashy kicks and humour. There were some very tough opponents and fights from men, women & children who battled Robert, adding up to 3 hours and 20 minutes of non-stop fighting.

When Robert successfully completed the 100 rounds it was announced that he was to fight 101 rounds and his last opponent was to be none other then renowned Irish Martial Arts expert Declan Kidd, who also refereed the whole event. The crowd really got behind this fight and the two Martial Arts warriors put on a show.

At the end Declan Kidd awarded Robert Devane with his 5th Dan Black Belt and he also received a title belt and trophy to commemorate his spectacular achievement.

Martial Arts Incorporated managed to raise over 16500 euro for Barnardos with this highly successful event.

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