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M.A.I. win at US Open

The US Open took place July 4th & 5th 2008 in Orlando, Florida. Two Dublin Martial Arts instructors were there to represent Ireland at this highly prestigious, International Martial Arts competition. Robert Devane and Louise Quinn are black belt instructors with Martial Arts Incorporated who have two professional studios, one in Dublin 7 and one in Dublin 15. The US Open is one of the most notorious World Championship events and it attracts thousands of the best fighters in all styles of Martial Arts from all over America and the World. Despite being jet lagged, Robert and Louise fought their hearts out in 2 different fighting divisions over the two days. The standard was very high and the striking contact in the black belt sections was full on.

Louise, who had only ever fought in 2 previous National competitions punched and kicked her way to secure a 4th place win in the continuous kickboxing division and a 3rd place win in the points karate division.

Robert is one of Ireland’s most experienced Martial Artists and he has previously won several World titles. However, Robert had not fought competitively in nearly 7 years because of commitments to growing the M.A.I. clubs. Despite his long competition absence, Robert battled his way to win 3rd place in points karate and the coveted 1st place win in continuous kickboxing.

“It was an excellent experience and amazing to see that our club in Dublin can match and beat the best in the World,” Louise said. “A big thank you to all of the instructors at M.A.I. who helped us get ready for this event,” Robert concluded.

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