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How to throw a Jump-Spinning Kick

There are three important things to remember for all jump-spinning kicks:
1. Jump,
2. Spin and
3. Kick.
It’s all in the name.

While there are various types of jump-spinning kicks there are only three types of jump spins (hopefully you have your left leg in front):
1. Back-leg
2. Front-leg
3. The 360 (or 540, 720 and so on…)

I’ve always found that Back-leg jump-spins are more difficult than the other two, since there’s no chance to build momentum going into them. The idea with these kicks is that you spin in a clockwise motion and attack your opponent with your right leg (that’s the plan anyway!). Bend both legs and jump off the ground with both legs at the same time (otherwise you’ve just done a pirouette badly). Twist your body by looking over your right shoulder until you can see your opponent (not the referee!). Then kick out. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of technique to the Back-leg jump-spin, however if you find it difficult to get it in one jump you can a small hop at the beginning to get yourself into a more comfortable position before the technique; and then gradually reduce the size of the hop until it is virtually non-existent (this way you won’t get caught out in the ring).

These types are much easier since you can generate a good bit of momentum before you have to jump. You’ll be spinning clockwise again only you attack with your left leg this time. Firstly, take up your right leg; now hop around in a clockwise motion until your right knee is facing your opponent again. The aim now is to switch your legs in midair, use your left leg to jump and kick, then as your left leg is going up your right leg should be coming down. That’s the basic way of throwing it, you should be aiming to try to reduce the number of hops it takes to get back around, until you can just pivot all the way around in one go. If you find it difficult at first try winding yourself up (like a deadly spring!) by twisting slightly towards the left first, this will give you just a bit more momentum.

The 360 (of doom!)
I actually think these types are the easiest jump-spins to throw as you can almost run at them to get your momentum going. Essentially, with a 360, you are attempting to spin counter-clockwise and hit with either just your lead leg or (if you really want to pull your groin) with both legs. Start by swinging your back leg up and across your body (like a low roundhouse), as soon as you enter side-chamber position jump and twist until you’re facing away from your opponent (both legs should still be in the air, so jump really high) look over your left shoulder (if your left leg was in front) until you see your opponent again (leave the ref alone) and kick out easy. Sorry but there’s no little tricks for these ones you just have to jump and spin and kick. If you want extra degrees (and even more kicks) then you’ll have to jump even higher, spin even faster and kick as quickly as you can!

There you go, easy when you know how right? Like any technique in martial arts it will take a lot of practice (and patience) until they are good, so give them a go and with plenty of confidence you should be gliding through the air in no time.

By Derek Foley

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