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Develop an unbeatable mind.

It is very important to pre-meditate and imagine yourself in (and countering) self- defence situations so that if they ever occur in reality you are equipped subconsciously with concepts and techniques. It is very dangerous to just rely on spontaneity as attackers have mastered the art of confusing and stunning their victim and stopping their conscious thoughts before attacking. People seize up when they are faced with the unknown, so every precaution should be taken to change unknown situations into known situations. Sometimes when police are trying to track criminals they try to place themselves in the criminal’s position and predict their thoughts and actions. Martial artist should also use this approach and visualise themselves as attackers, thus helping them to find out the most common situations and the attackers’ weaknesses and aid them in developing self-defence techniques and concepts.

Martial artists may visualise and learn from situations using forms of meditation:

(i) Chose a quiet place without distractions from objects or people.
(ii) Assume a comfortable position.
(iii) Close your eyes and relax.
(iv) Imagine your worst fears and visualise confrontation situations. Visualise the worst thing that could happen.
(v) Repeat the image again except this time discover:

a) how the situation could have been avoided and
b) how the situation could have been countered.

View it from every angle and analyse it thoroughly.

(vi) Finish the images and concentrate solely on your own breathing. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth for the same count.
(vii) Slowly open your eyes and stretch as if you had just woken. This form of meditation has been said to have evolved from the ancient samurai warriors who used it for learning and for conquering their fears.

This form of meditation should be practised every day for approximately fifteen minutes. A new situation should be analysed each day. This meditation has many benefits:
1) It builds confidence
2) It is relaxing
3) It relieves stress
4) It helps one to think without any distractions
5) It helps people to learn how to prevent situations
6) It helps people to learn how to physically end situations etc.

Meditation is used by many martial artists and may be used by everyone. Meditation creates well-rounded martial artists. Meditation does not have to be religious in nature. It can be used by anyone at any time. Meditation can be done for minutes or hours depending one the person and the amount of time they have. Meditation is the art of conscious sleeping.

When watching the news you should listen for situations and visualise yourself in them instead of the person on the news. Se how you would prevent and counter them. Do this even with situations you think will never happen to you. The person on the news never thought it would happen to him or her. The same analysis should be used with newspapers. Discuss situations that have or could have happened with friends and help each other to be ready. If possible talk to police officers and find out the most common type of attacks as well as all the others that have happened. Also visualise the most dangerous areas to stay away from and also the most potentially dangerous people to be wary of. Learn from the past and prepare for the future. If visualisation meditation is practised regularly then if you are ever attacked, it may be a situation you have analysed. If not, then at least you can compare it to other similar situations you have thought about, thus minimising the time it takes your brain to find solutions to the problem.

This Article is an extract from Confrontation Survival’ – please see our ebooks section above.

By Robert Devane

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