101 ways to stop an attacker!

This manual is a list of the best 101 ways to avoid and eliminate any opponent. It doesn’t matter how small you are or how big and gruesome your attacker is – You can defend yourself very efficiently using the highly practical and easy to understand points in this manual.

WARNING! Please do not request this manual if you are easily offended. Attacks are mean and nasty and therefore sometimes require the ‘victim’ to be meaner and nastier. So, please do not download this manual if you are then going to send us complaints about it’s violent content.This manual is for everyone (experienced or not) who wishes to know the quickest, easiest and best ways to stop an attacker.We are giving away 101 WAYS TO STOP AN ATTACKER! Absolutely FREE! Yes, that’s right, it’s FREE to you.

WHY? MartialArtsInc.com has been around since 1998 and it is all thanks to our visitors and supporters (YOU!). This is not one of those boring little reports about self-defence that you might find on other sites. No! It is a complete book covering everything you need to know to survive the streets today and to be confident about being able to handle yourself (whether you are a World Champion Martial Artist or if you don’t even know what Martial Arts is!).

This manual is worth 11.99 but we are giving it to you FREE as our way of saying THANK YOU. Furthermore, you can freely distribute 101 WAYS TO STOP AN ATTACKER! to your friends and loved ones so that they too can benefit from it. You can even post it on your website if you have one. However, you cannot change it’s contents or sell it.

Without further ado, the way to obtain your copy of 101 WAYS TO STOP AN ATTACKER! is to simply send an email to us and request it. We will then email you 101 WAYS TO STOP AN ATTACKER! We hope that you enjoy 101 WAYS TO STOP AN ATTACKER! and we look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions about it. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us – We want to give this ebook to you!
Email: info@martialartsinc.com

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