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Hit the Heavy Bag

Hit The Heavy Bag 
Book your own time to do your own Heavy bag training.
A Heavy Bag workout is brilliant for Strength & Fitness training while developing useful self-defence skills. Great Fun and Great Stress Relief. 
Open to everyone. Bag work can incorporate any striking martial arts style including boxing.
Door opens on the hour to facilitate entry (no entry once the session starts). Please sign in. 
45 minute training.
Bring your own hand wraps and gloves or purchase ours.
Bring your own water or purchase here.
Bring your own personal music or not (head phones or air pods only).
Use your own workout plan or not.
Please bring a towel.
Spray and clean your heavybag after use please.
Keep the training to the bag (i.e. no running around).
Not recommended for complete beginners.
Injury at your own risk.
Brilliant for practising, brilliant for exercising, brilliant for mental health.

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