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MAI FAQ's Section

At our Martial Arts Incorporated studios we are frequently asked the same questions from people wishing to commence training. A lot of adults are nervous about starting Kickboxing and they don't know what to expect so here are a few questions and answers which we hope may help you too

How much is it to join?
There is no joining or application fee. You only pay for the training. Membership is FREE. Please see KICKBOXING CLASSES section for full prices. 
Am I too old to start?
Should I have started when I was a kid?
Do I need to get fit before starting Kickboxing?
How often should I train every week?
Do I have to Fight or Spar?
Is Kickboxing training dangerous?
Can I train with an existing injury?
Is Kickboxing mainly a man's activity?
Do I need to book a class?
What is the difference between Kickboxing and Cardio Kickboxing?
Can I get belts like in Karate?
What is the difference between Kickboxing and other forms of Martial Arts?
Where can I buy training wear and equipment?
Why do you wear training shoes (runners) and which ones are best?
Will I be the odd one out when I start?
What if the class is too hard for me?
What does a Kickboxing class consist of?
How often do I need to train?
Will my muscles get too big?
How long does it take to become good?
How long does it take to achieve a Black Belt?
Can I compete?
How often should I train every week?
What are the rules of competition?
What type of fighting is there in Kickboxing?


Martial Arts INC teaches kickboxing, self defence and MMA in Dublin City. We have both private and group classes available 7 days a week. Beginners always welcome

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